Monday, March 24, 2008

No Motherhood.....

for me for a while. The past two weeks have been crazy! My sister Mary has been a huge help with my moving process. She came down on March 13 and 20th to help me with boxes. Both days I kid you not her damn van broke down. Not at the new apartment of course at the old place. It was quite the experience. Luckily it is fixed now and running like a champ!

Mom and Dad went to Mexico and returned last night! It has been non-stop on the go since they left. Bailey came down with a cold on the 20th when she was helping me move. It continued all the way to Tuesday night. She is now better but still has a cough. We decided to surprise my parents while they were gone and paint there living room and dining room. Boy did I do a project. It isn't a professional job but it looks good. I see the flaws but that is me and I did the job.

I am all moved in and have sent an email to family and friends of the new address. If you didn't get the email let me know. I have no more boxes to unpack. I already have pictures hung up. Now I just need to enjoy my new place. Hopefully this week.

Mary's graduation is getting close and I haven't started her scrapbook so that will be a major project for the next few weeks. I will get it done. I am just about through my photo albums now i just need to get through mom and dads. Had the perfect opportunity last week but was to busy with other projects.

I haven't been to weight watchers for a week but will get back this week. I can tell that I am doing good because all of my work pants are to big. YES FINALLY! Now I just need to keep working hard at this and get where I want to be at.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Well I have sat down and started going over my goals that I have set. They are very realistic goals but living where I do it just isn't going to be the best thing for me. I spend over $700 a month in rent. which I know isn't a lot of money but for how much I make it is a lot of money to me. So I have made a change in my living arrangements. I will be moving in 2 weeks. I am going more out west Omaha then what I currently am. I am starting to majorly stress out about the whole move. My parents won't be around to help me they will be vacationing at my cousin's (Buddy) timeshare in Mexico. I will be watching the girls and I know they will be great help. I have two guys from my work that is going to move the big stuff. I just need to get packing. Which shouldn't take to long but I just know I have basically next weekend to get it done. Considering I am working this whole weekend. It will all work out in the end it always does.

I have cancelled my gym membership because of where I am moving has a brand new gym which is very nice. I am still trying to keep active as much as I can. I popped my knee two weeks ago today at the gym so I have been being very careful with it. It seems to be getting a lot better.

WW is going awesome. This week I gained .2 of a pound which I think is very unfair to put on there because it isn't even .5 pound. That could have been my socks, bra or panties. Oh well I am sticking to it. I have learned quite a bit with it. I am going to try some new recipes. We will see how it goes. I tried one last weekend and it ended up in the trash because I didn't have the right thing to go with it.

Hope everyone is doing well and I will send an email out to people with my new address as soon as it is set in stone.