Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Favorite Meal Growing Up

All this talk about food lately has made me think back to growing up and what my favorite meal was, and still is. However it doesn't do to well for the waistline. On our birthdays we always got to choose what wanted mom to make. I loved round steak mashed potatoes and gravy. That would be my birthday meal. The one meal I would eat everything on my plate was Roast beef mashed potatoes and gravy. I am from a small town so I grew up on red meat and potatoes. I am attempting to change the red meat thing but the potatoes will never be gone.

My favorite place to go out to dinner growing up was The Green Lantern in Decatur, Nebraska, Gurney's in Missouri Valley Iowa and Dusty Rose in Tekamah Nebraska. However I haven't been to them in years. Very sad about the Dusty Rose has changed owners and names. Not the same as it was. The other two I really can't say to much about since its been a while.

What were your favorite meals and/or going out to dinner when growing up?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Can a person really be a jinks? I feel like I can't watch a sport because I jinks things. Why do I think this? Any time I go to watch Bill race he does terrible any time I am not there he does great. My favorite Nascar driver is Dale Jr. if I am not watching the race he is doing good. Within a half hour of me watching it something happens to him. Last night I watched a good chunk of the Rockies game and look they got there butts kicked. Maybe its just coincidence but I feel like a jinks now. So I will not be watching anymore of the World Series so that way the Rockies have a chance.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Looking for?

I was going through some stuff this weekend and realized I don't have one picture of my grandma Mary Lou. If anyone has any pictures that they would duplicate for me please let me know. I would love to have sum to show my family someday down the road (if I have a family).

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hardest questions asked every year!

The hardest questions that are asked every year:

What do you want for your birthday?
What do you want for Christmas?

I don't have answers for those. The birthday is coming up next month and I have no ideas on what I want. Then I have to turn around the next month and give more ideas. I like gift certificates but then I end up using them for silly things that I really didn't need. Money is always good but same thing you use it on stuff you shouldn't like bills or on things you don't need. I have just about every appliance for the kitchen, living room, bedroom. I have a want list but its way to big of stuff for birthdays or holidays. I do need new clothes but I am just picky and don't like the style. Need to shed those pounds also. I am not spoiled but what I have I have worked my butt off for. I am not trying to sound like I don't like the gifts I get because I do and I know that they give me gifts because they love me. How do you answer something when its the small things that would make you happy like spending the day with them or watching a movie. The past three years on my birthday Bill and I stayed home ordered pizza and watched movies. I used to get crap from people because I didn't go out somewhere fancy or go out to do something. Maybe I am not normal but I would rather spend time with people that I love then spend a lot of money for just one day.

What is questions you have a tough time answering?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome back T.O.!!

Tom Osborne is coming back as Interim Athletic Director. T.O. is a very respected person in this state. Lets get this program back. Good call Perlman! Lets can Callahan and let T.O. put someone in there that will win us some championships!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Steve Pederson the athletic director has been fired. News conference at 4 with more to come...is it going to be Callahan?? oh please Santa make the dream come true so we can get our program back!

oh yeah GO ROCKIES tonight! Kick some butt!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Help Wanted!!

College Football coach! No experience needed! Salary 1.3 million starting and depending on how bad you ruin the program that has been built for many years expect a extended contract with your salary going to 4 million. Please contact the lovely staff of UNL that seems to think we have a great coaching staff.

Huskers football bites! Go girls Volleyball continue to be #1.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Somewhat better

Yes I am doing somewhat better. I don't have the nausea going on anymore. I am slowly getting my appetite back. I wish the weather would make up its mind on what it is going to do. That has caused a very bad headache for me. However since I got that shot earlier this year I haven't had to take any allergy medicine. WHOA i think i found something that works! I will blog later today or tomorrow on the past week.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Today I am feeling under the weather. It started yesterday afternoon and today it is still hanging around. I feel ill everytime i eat or drink something but I don't end up getting sick. So my life isn't very eventful right now because i am trying to do very little so I don't upset my stomach. I am busy working away at work and trying not to think of how I feel. Tonight is going to be a lay on the couch night and hope to get better. I know there is many things going around. If I am going to get sick just get it over with and quite playing games. I will hopefully be able to post more later this week.

Monday, October 1, 2007

"City Girl"

That nickname was given to Valerie many years ago. I have never that of myself as a city girl until it was wrote today. So I have decided to blog about it. Growing up I lived in a small town called Blair. When you went to bed you would hear the trains going through town other then that you would hear the crickets chirping away. The sun would rise and the birds would be carrying on there conversations outside in the trees. There is no traffic to be heard unless some dumb teenager was messing around otherwise just sounds of nature. The sirens will go off in town and everyone would know what siren it is and you would wait and see if the rescue or fire truck go out 75 or 91. If you didn't see it you knew it went the other direction. Don't plan to have a meal after 9 except for McDonalds because the town basically closes up at that time. You shopped at Pamida or you went to Omaha to shop which is a 20-25 minute drive depending on if you get behind a Sunday driver. Which seems to happen any day of the week.

When I visit Blair overnight it is so nice to sleep with it being quiet. I live on a very busy street in Omaha so you hear traffic all night long if you have your door or windows open. To hear nature that is not very often except for the wind. You can eat at any time of the night because you can always find somewhere to go. I have many places to shop around my place I could walk to them if I wanted to but I don't due to having to cross major intersections. If there is someone being a sunday driver they usually get honked at or given the finger telling them they are #1. I however wouldn't change where I live because I love the conveince of everything.

I have read in the local paper back home that there is many things changing and I am afraid that the town I grew up in isn't going to be there anymore. Just in the last month it has changed a lot when you come into town. Sometimes change is good but I don't think this is going to be good for the town. I know someone that has a local business in blair and I hope that these big companies that are coming in won't hurt them. That is what made that town the way it is.

Let the small towns be you big corporations!!!!!!

First Job

My first job besides babysitting which I did for many years was a waitress. I worked for a small local cafe called Billy's Blair Maple Cafe. I got that job in Oct 99. I only worked weekends so it didn't interfere with school that much. I didn't like it at all when I was in high school and lived at home. I just looked at it as a job. When I graduated from high school the owner asked if I would rotate to the Omaha locations also. So I did and then stopped for a few months. However at the present time I am still working there. I never thought my first job I would still have I figured I would have been fired a long time ago because i had my days with some customers. 8 years later I enjoy the job because its a different environment to be in then my weekly job. The boss is a pretty decent person also. Well that was my first job and probably have it till the day I die or if the place is ever sold.

Yes I am around

Yes I am around but just extremely busy but its the same stuff just a different day. Nothing really to blog about. I took a short unexpected vacation to the Ozarks two weeks ago. It was very beautiful down there and I enjoyed the visit with my cousin. I miss her very much. I am still working on the diet thing the short vacation kinda through me off for a few days but I did somewhat okay. I will try and keep you updated on that.

Janell- I do not have an email for Sharolynn or Teri. I can give you a phone number but thats about it. My sister might have one or LaDawn may also. I only have a cd drive on my laptop computer and I don't even have microsoft word its microsoft word processor. I only get to my desktop when I am at my parents house since they are using it. I went cheap on that part which I regret now but oh well. Let me know if there is another way we can go about this. Also let me know what exactly you want me to do.