Friday, August 24, 2007

Been a while

Its been a while since I have posted. Not a lot has been happening with me. Its been the same thing just a different day. I took a vacation day on Thursday but used it to work at the restaurant. What a nice person I am. I looked at it I was getting paid twice. The rain has been making the evening quite beautiful with all the lightning to bad my camera wasn't full or I would be taking pictures.

I have finally went to the next stage of technology with music. I have invested in a MP3 player. I am not sure exactly how to use it. It has been a trial and error process. If anyone has any suggestions let me know?

Oh and another thing there was a classmate of mine that passed away this year (Tracy Ortmeir), her family owns the Radio Shack in Blair. A few of my classmates are putting together a cookbook in her memory which all proceeds go to American Cancer Society. If you would like to contribute to the cookbook let me know.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Here are the answer to Plummie's questions

1. When I was 18 I was planing on going to the University of Nebraska in Kearney to major in Political Science and then move to D.C. to work on the Hill. How is it different? I never went to Kearney met a guy during the summer and just didn't want to leave him. I have went to two different local colleges. Worked at FNB and now at a commercial roofing and sheet metal company doing the accounting. Not really what I had thought my life would be.

2. The one piece of advice I was given when I was younger was to save money. I never did a really good job with it. I would tell people if they are going to move out on there own to save about $5000 before you do it. Just in case if you have something that comes up. I only had about $1000 when I moved out. I make it just fine now but there was many rough patches. It has made me a stronger person and more knowledgeable about money.

3. The best money I have spent would have to be on my family. I love to see them smile and be happy. It can be the littlest thing and they smile.

4. I have always been a sucker for small companies saying oh do this and you will make money. I have become wiser about it now and don't get suck in but there for a while I had.

5. I can not answer this because I am not married and don't plan to be until at least 26 or 28. I am still learning about who I am.

6. The best thing about being a woman you can get your way if you flash a little cleavage. LOL! J/K but you know its true. The worst is the pain and suffering you go through monthly and a man doesn't have any! I also agree with one of Janell's sisters about the job.

7. The one dream that will not be fulfilled is my grandmother seeing me get married and having her at the wedding. That was one of our dreams together. The other was for her to see me graduate. I was the only one she got to see graduate. The other dreams can still be fulfilled.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bettle Bug

My Bettle bug (Bailey) called me today at work from her trip in NYC. She called to tell me that since I call her my bettle bug that she has a new nickname for me. I asked her what it is and she started laughing. Finally she tells my my new nickname is Lady Bug. LOL leave it to my bug to come up with something like that.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Dog sitting

Oh the joys of being on your own and your family decides to go out of town. I get the joy of watching Angel, my parents dog, she is a very good dog. My family is in New York City for the week. Yesterday they attend the Yankees game against the Royals. They called me during it and said it was very hot! It is in the middle of the afternoon I wouldn't think it would be cool. today they are going to a lobster fest. That will be fun. Tomorrow off to the Statue of Liberty. I am not sure what the rest of the week comes for them except I know they will be home soon and I will be done dog sitting.

This weekend was a very long one. Friday I took a half day and spent the day with Bill. We actually went to York, Nebraska where he raced that evening. It turned out to be a night from hell. He blew up his motor but we didn't realize it until Saturday when it he pulled out to run it Saturday. I came home Friday night because I had to get the dog. So I spent the day cleaning, went to my aunts, and talked on the phone quite a bit to him. Saturday when he pulled out for hot laps with his back up car a piston shot through the side of the oil pan. Needless to say we have two motors headed to the shop as I type. Good thing he has three weeks off with the open car. He just has weekly racing with his son on Saturdays. I'm extremely tired and I have month end to get done at work. Tonight is going to be a relaxing evening if I have anything to do about it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I finally got my recipes off to Janell. I felt like I was never going to get them to her. I am already thinking of things for next year. I am just going to slowly save them.

I love this idea of the cookbook. It is great I know I have had one but somehow got lost in all my moves. It happens when you don't pack your place up.