Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad! They have been married 26 years today. I hope they have a great evening together with whatever they do. My sisters better behave for them tonight or I am kicking some butt!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well I finally got a site meter and have figured it out a little bit. Its interesting to see where people look at your site from. I want to know who is looking at my blog from Anderson Auto Group? Can you get me a deal on a car come on speak up let me know who you are!!

Well I am back onto the diet and working out. I feel like I am a rabbit with all the salad I have been eating. There is so many temptations but I have to stay strong and not do them. With going to the pool last weekend made me realize even more I need to stay with this. I am going to attempt to go to the gym twice a day. We will see how that last because I am not a morning person at all.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The weekend was short but enjoyable. I was able to hang out at the pool all weekend which was much needed. I am planning on it again this weekend. I got a new book to read and it has been so good I have barely been able to put it down. Its called a A Bend in the Road By Nicholas Sparks. He is a very good author. I am hoping to get another a book for this weekend. Any suggestions? I have a few pictures I will hopefully get up tonight of Bailey at the pool Saturday. She was a little fish most of the afternoon. It was so cute. She loves the water.

I am hoping to get some rest tonight I have had a very hard time sleeping lately. I am not sure why it is but its starting to really drive me nuts. I have bags under my eyes today. Not a good day for me look wise.

This week is a good one for my family. My mom and dad will be celebrating there 26th wedding anniversary Wednesday. Stephanie (my cousin) was the flower girl in the wedding. I am trying to come up with a gift, last year I went all out and through a huge suprise 25th party. It was a lot of fun but there is no way I can top it this year.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Favorites

Stephanie has posted here top favorite things about summer. I thought that would be fun to do mine might be a few more then five though.

I love swimming and laying out at the pool just relaxing.
Its racing season
All the fresh fruits and vegetables.
Homeade ice cream with hot fudge
Not having to wear socks, tennis shoes, and big sweaters
Yucas and painkillers oh the river days if you have been to the cabin you know what these are!
Picnics/grilling out Dad and Bill are the masters with the grill!
Relatives visiting (usually the last week in July)
Lake of the Ozarks (PARTY COVE) oh the memories (grandpa doesn't live there anymore)

Well that is all I have for now I am sure I could come up with more but decided I should stop.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Stephanie! I hope you have a great day!


Life is craziness. I thought with Bill being out of town last week I would get a ton done. Boy was I wrong. Last Wednesday I had planned to just stay home make a pizza do housework. I had just left work and my cousin Jess called and asked me to go to Shadow Lake with her. I was like sure I haven't seen you in a while that sounds good. We ended up shopping for a while and then went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Oh my goodness it was so good and I felt like a fat pig afterwards. They give you so much food and I always seem to forget that when I go there. I went home after that had issues sleeping. Thursday I got up did the whole work thing and went home. Decide about 6 to go up to my parents because I wasn't sure if I was going to see my dad for father's day. Good thing I did because I didn't make it to Tekamah on Sunday. Got home and got ready for bed.

Friday as you all know I went to the College World Series. I was very upset because "my best friend" was suppose to go with us she never showed up or called to tell me she wasn't coming. I tried calling her and she didn't answer. So I have come to the conclusion she hasn't changed she is the same person she was five years ago. Her and I had a huge falling out five years ago and hadn't spoke until last October. We patched things up and we have been good friends again until she pulled this. I wouldn't have been so mad if it was just me but my sister and her best friend McKenzie was with me waiting. Anyways we got to the game at the bottom of the fifth. So we didn't get to see to much of the game. I felt like such a disappointment to my sister and Kenzi because of my supposed friend. We had a good time after the game we walked around down there for a bit and then headed back to my place to watch movies.

Saturday we got up around 10 got ready and headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart. I purchased a new recliner for the living room. I told bill it was for him for Father's day even though I just really wanted a new chair. Kenzi and I carried the chair up three flights of stairs while Mary just stood t here and watched us. Thanks Mary! We had some lunch and then headed up to the pool for a while before they had to head to work. It was a good time to spend with them.

Sunday I waitressed and I didn't get out of the restaurant until 2:30 and we close at 1:00 that is how busy we were. My whole body hurt afterwards. I hit the grocery store and went home for the day. I was able to get my laundry done and a little cleaning.

Monday Bill has returned finally from his trip. We made dinner and then just hung out together since he had been gone for so long. It is great having him home again. I have about three weeks with him until he leaves again for a week.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Its that time of the year when the College World Series rolls into town. I have never been to the CWS and have lived in Nebraska my whole life. I am not much of a baseball person I think it can be boring at times. Mike, my mom's boss, had tickets for the night game tonight and gave them to my mom. My sister Mary, her best friend McKenzie, my best friend Jamie and I are going to the game. I am excited to go just to say I have been. I have heard it is quite the expierence. I didn't even know who was playing until about a hour ago, which I think my dad said it was North Carolina and Mississippi State. I will try and remember my camera to have pictures on here.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Valerie is my cousin on my dad's side, Ed (her dad) and my dad our first cousins so that would make us second cousins. I have an absolute blast with her. I don't see her that much. The last time her and I were together was when my great aunt Joyce (her grandma) passed away. I had just turned 21 back in November so her and I went out one evening. Val takes me downtown and here I am in a bigger city that has more of a night life then what I have ever been in. The Omaha night life is very dull compared to Denvers. We go to this martini bar, I don't remember the name of it, I had never had a martini so I was just like ok something different I'll try it. We get this martinis called a flirtini (they were good), these two guys walk up to and start talking to us. Here I am hundreds of miles away and these guys are from LeMars, Iowa. Out of any guys in the bar comes up to us have to be within two hours of the town I live at. So Val decides to tell these guys that my dad is part of the mob and scared them off the rest of the night thankfully. My dad isn't part of the mob or anything like that. Then we went to another bar and there is this huge line outside, Val walks up to the bouncer and we get in right away I was think damn who am I with that we don't have to stand in this line. Val you still haven't told me how you got in there so easily. Walking to the car that night I realized I had a little to much to drink and I had to go back to a hotel room that my parents and I were sharing. Not a good thing but dealt with it.

The one thing I remember and learned on my trips out to Denver (my most recent last November) since I turned 21, you are in higher elevation so don't drink as much as you do in Omaha! Val thank you for taking me out that night and showing me around downtown Denver it was a blast. Next time you come to Omaha (which better be soon) I will take you to our boring bar scene around here.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Friday was quite a boring day until the evening. I was getting ready to leave work a little early so I could head to Eagle, Nebraska. Never been to the place and wasn't to impressed with it either. There was a huge accident right outside of my office so that slowed me down a good ten minutes. Once I hit the interstate it was smooth driving. I'm driving down the highway and I'm thinking there is no way there is a race track out here all there is fields, trees, and hills. Then I came up over this hill and it just appeared. I was like wow there was no signs that it was coming up. It was weird because usually there is a ton of lights and you can see them for a good a mile. Bill placed 17Th that night. Not to bad considering the track conditions were terrible. I got home at 1:30 that night. Late night for me and I am usually not up that late.

When I woke up Saturday I got ready to leave for Blair and I noticed there was police tape outside my apartment building. The panic set in on wondering what happened. Turned out there was a shooting at 2 am in my apartment complex. There was a couple that was getting robbed by two people and so our on site security (who is a police officer) went to try and help the people. The two guys fled the scene by foot in opposite directions the security officer went after one of the suspects and he pulled a gun on the officer so the officer shot the guy. He got away however and was taken to the hospital by his girlfriend. He was later arrested. I am extremely freaked about this all because that could have been me if I was just a half hour later. I now own pepper spray since I will be home by myself quite a bit the next month.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


This is my middle sister and she is a riot! She is eighteen and going into her senior year of high school! I remember when she was a baby! I always wanted to hold her and feed her! I was told i was her mother hen! Well that happens and I still catch myself doing it. She loves to give my mom a run for her money! Not listening to what she says, pushing her curfew back because she left mom a message on the answering machine. However they are just sitting at McDonalds. She constantly fights with our youngest sister Bailey! Which just drives mom nuts.

I have been thinking a lot about her lately with growing up and how old she is now. I can remember after it had been raining I would chase her around the yard with worms and stick them down her shirt. Yes I was a brat but I loved it. When we were little and mom and dad would take trips, grandpa and grandma Thomas would watch us. For some reason Mary didn't like grandpa when we were growing up because she thought the day mom and dad came home she didn't have to go to school. Grandpa would make her and she would get so mad at throw a huge fit. She has grown out of that a lot now.

She is a great kid and I love her to death. I just don't always show it. The only advice I can give her is keep a straight head on like you have and don't give up!

Prelude to the Dream

This is a race that is done by Tony Stewart (Nascar driver), the contents of this is race is at a dirt track called Eldora Speedway which Tony owns. He gets a bunch of Nascar drivers to come to the track and race dirt late models. Tony asks a bunch of regular dirt late model drivers to donate there car for this event. If anything happens to the cars Tony pays for it out of his pocket. Oh you haven't heard the best thing yet! This event is put all on for Victory Junction for Kids which is a charity that Kyle Petty (Nascar driver) started when his son was killed in an accident. It is a great event! I wasn't able to attend the race because it has been sold out for months. However I was able to buy it on pay-per-view which was just as good especially because I didn't get a bunch all dirty like I usually do at the track! Way to go Tony you did a great deed for a lot of people last night! Enjoyed the show a lot! Hope to attend next years and I am sure it will be just as good!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I have been back to the gym since Sunday and my body is screaming in pain at me. I know its the first week of aches and pains but wow I am just sore all over. There is muscles I didn't even know that exisited that hurt. I have been doing this class called 24Camp which is basic boot camp. I have it tonight and I really don't want to do it because I have ordered a pay per view that starts at 7. That sounds really bad but I really want to watch the pay per view so a part of me is thinking going to the gym at 4:45 and then be home by 6. I won't get to do the class but at least I still get a work out.

Bill is off racing for a week and a half. He will be traveling all over the midwest. His schedule is
Today Wednesday 6- Davenport, Iowa
Thursday 7- Home
Friday 8- Eagle, Nebraska
Saturday 9-York, Nebraska
Sunday 10- Home
Monday 11- Home
Tuesday 12- Home
Wednesday 13- Menomonie WI
Thursday 14- Superior WI
Friday 15- New Richmond WI
Saturday 16- New Richmond WI
Sunday 17- Jim Falls WI
Monday 18- Home

I will be so happy to see him! I hate these long swings but it comes with racing. I will be able to talk to him every day so that helps a lot. This will be about the longest we have been apart so it will definetly be interesting.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No I haven't fallen off the earth. I have just been so busy! Last week went a little something like this
Monday- I had off due to Memorial day
Tuesday- Worked for a while, went to Mitch's funeral came back to work and then home to clean.
Wednesday- I had a seminar first thing in the morning out at Mahoney State Park. Then into the office. Went home and crashed at 5:45 pm and didn't wake up till the next morning. Obviously needed the sleep.
Thursday- I worked all day and then spent time with Bill.
Friday- I had the whole office to myself because everyone else was at the company golf outing. Didn't feel right going to it when I was out most of the week already. Went home and cleaned and watched a little tv after 10.
Saturday- I did the rest of my cleaning and laundry. Spent the afternoon with Bill. Then I babysat Bailey for a while. Bill and I then hung out for a while I ended up falling asleep cuddled up to him on the couch. Don't even remember him leaving.
Sunday- I worked at the restaurant. Went to my cousin's graduation. Was suppose to go to my friend Jamie's daughters birthday party but it looked like it was going to rain any minute so I wasn't going to drive all the way to Blair and sit out in the rain. Got home from the graduation and lunch with Bill. Went to the gym and then off to the grocery store. I was so tired by then that I made dinner and watched this new tv show on Lifetime called Armywives. I absolutely love the show. Lifetime is a very addicting channel not good on the social life.

So that is my update for last week.