Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer is almost over

where has the time gone. I am sitting here just realizing I didn't get to do half the stuff I wanted to this summer. I remember growing up how the summers would be jammed pack with events with my grandparents. This year I only got to see my grandpa twice. Not a good thing but that is just how crazy life can get.

Had a great time at the Carson family reunion this year. I am going to try and make it more often then what I have been. However I am back to work 7 days a week so taking time off can be a little difficult.

My friend Shannon is home from the Army. I am so excited she is home we have been able to tackle a few things on our list of things to do this summer.

Bailey started school last week and she loves it. I don't know to many kids that are excited to go back to school. She was so thrilled the night before. Mary starts college this week. Its going to be tough but I think she can handle it.

Shannon and I are planning are making a trip to Colorado this fall and most likely this winter.

Hope everyone is doing well.


LaDawn said...

I hate the end of summer!

Janell said...

The end of summer is a bittersweet thing, but it sounds like you have good memories of it as well as things to look forward to in the coming season.

LaDawn said...

Summer is dead and looks like your blog is too! Come back, Brooke!