Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Golden Year

Well tomorrow I celebrate my golden year birthday. I had no idea what this meant until my mom explained it to me a few weeks ago. I have been extremely busy at work. Its coming to year end which is very stressful but when its all said and done you are relieved. It is a bit more stressful this year due to the upgrade for our system we have to get a new server. Which will take us down for the busiest month for accounting. I am not looking forward to it but in the long run it will be for the best.

Family is doing great. A few of us in the family have moved up in the technology world (Dad, Mary and I) Dad and I got blackberries and Mary got a MotoQ. I haven't had to get a book out for a cell phone until now but wait there isn't a book!!!! Its on a cd for the computer. So I will be teaching myself over the holiday weekend of how to use this thing and teaching Dad. Mary is on her own!

I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving and if you are traveling please be safe. I have family traveling in and hope there travels go well!


Marla said...

Happy Late Birthday! How old are you? I have never heard of the Golden year!

Janell said...

Ah, the Golden Year! I wish I had checked in with you sooner. So you are 26 on the 26th - Happy belated birthday!

And I hope you are having a great Christmas today.

God bless you!