Friday, January 16, 2009


Well time has got away from me and its already January. It is extremely cold here in Nebraska but not as bad as it is for other people I know. Here is my recap of things I wanted to accomplish last year.

1. weight- Well I had lost some of the weight by summer time and i gained all of it back by the fall. So this will be another one that I am working on this year. I am doing very well with my diet so far. Learning different ways to cook and eat different food.

2. Finances- I got three things paid off last year and now I am working towards the last two. I have been able to get a savings now and am putting away for school.

3. school- Yeah this one didn't happen but I am saving to go back now so I can put all the money up front.

4. organized- I have succeeded at this one. My house is very organized and I know where everything is.

5. getting in shape- I am doing better at this. I work out a few times a week. I can definitely tell a difference.

6. blogging- I have not done to well on this one but there is still hope.

I have made some new things I want to do this year and continue on with other ones from last year. The new ones are:

1. Traveling- I want to take some trips this year. Don't know where yet but I will figure it out sometime.

2. Take some different courses (cooking, exercising, hobbies)

3. Joining some leagues (golf and bowling)

4. Run my first 5k

5. Learn to say NO!

I hope everyone had a safe holiday season and a good new year so far!

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Marla said...

Well at least you have some goals. I have lots in my head but never put them onto paper.